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Major mechanical changes

Major mechanical changes in Chichester


At Richardson Engineering Services Ltd, we can undertake any major mechanical changes to your buses and coaches. From engine fittings to axle changes, we can complete any mechanical changes on your buses and coaches throughout the UK.


Making sure that your buses and coaches are in safe working order is vital to your business. Any instances of a damaged vehicle could lead to a major safety issue on your buses and coaches, which in turn could lead to accidents that could cause harm to the passengers and therefore, your company.

At Richardson Engineering Services Ltd, we specialise in the maintenance and repairs of any mechanical aspects of your vehicles. Any mechanical parts that need changing or repairing should be done at the earliest possible time in order to stop any further degradation of the parts. For example, worn tyres present a skid risk and should be changed immediately. Furthermore, a faulty engine could cause the vehicle to break down and should be repaired or replaced by a professional as soon as the issue is noticed.

For more information on the mechanical repairs and replacements services that we can offer throughout UK, give us a call today on 07799823503, or send us a message through our contact page.

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