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Body repairs

Body repairs in Chichester


The bodywork of your buses and coaches should always look in top shape. This is for many reasons, but not least to maintain the professionalism of your company. At Richardson Engineering Services Ltd, we can complete any body repair work on any buses and coaches in your company.


The importance of your vehicles’ appearance is not to be underestimated. A bus or a coach that looks battered will instantly make any passengers uncomfortable as the vehicle looks unsafe, regardless of how fit for service the vehicle actually is. As such, for your customers’ peace of mind, your buses and coaches should always look like they are brand new!

There are many ways that your buses and coaches can become worn or damage over time, including scratches caused by other vehicles, faded paint caused by sunlight, general wear and tear and much more. At Richardson Engineering Services Ltd, we specialise in repairing the bodywork of all buses or coaches. We can replace any damaged parts, perform a shotblasting service to remove any old paint, and then re-paint the bus or coach with a new coating.

For more information on the body repair work that we can undertake on any buses or coaches in the UK, give us a call today on 07799823503, or send us a message through our contact page.

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